The Steve Jobs 95 Interview unabridged

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My Fellow Americans, It’s Time to Boycott College

Let me tell you a tale. He’s a hardworking kind of guy, so he decided to forgo the customary process of sitting around his house complaining on Facebook that no employers are knocking on his door to compliment his pajamas and offer him six figures to do some Really Important Job.

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Education Reform: A National Delusion

As I watch the education “debate” in America I wonder if we have simply lost our minds.

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Mark Cuban: ‘I Think the Student Loan Bubble Is Going to Burst’

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To Figure Out What You’re Good At, Become an Explorer

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A lot of success advice centers around the idea of “being honest with yourself about the things you’re good at, and pursuing those things relentlessly.” We’re told that all successful people can be boiled down to a paragraph which states their…

Dannon Loveland‘s insight:

I think the title says it all. You have to explore in order to find out what you are good at. Don’t get discouraged (especially if you can’t think of something you are good at), just keep exploring.

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#EdStartup 101: Intro

Here is my first post for the EdStartup 101 open online course.

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Independent vs. Interdependent Construal of Self

 There are differences between the way different cultures perceive, comprehend, and interpret the world around them. It is important to know some of the differences and to be sensitive and understanding of other cultures and individuals.  Following is a table describing some of the differences between independent and interdependent self-construal.

Construal of Self



Normative Task

Maintain the individual as a separate, self-contained individual

Adjust oneself so as to fit in and maintain the interdependence among individuals


Be Unique”

Express yourself”

Realize and actualize your inner self”

Strive for you goals”

Adjust to the attendant relationship or group to which they belong”

Read other’s minds”

Be sympathetic”

Occupy and play one’s assigned role”

Sense of Worth/Self Esteem

Focus on internal attributes (ability, intelligence, personality, goals, preferences, rights)

Verify and confirm through social comparison

Fit in and be part of a relevant ongoing relationship, strive to meet/create duties, obligations, and social responsibilities

Self is unbound, flexible, and contingent on context

Internal attributes are less salient in thinking, feeling, and acting

 It is important to talk about your own culture and to look and see how people do things in other cultures.


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